Sunday, January 13, 2013

new old adventures

2013 is new year. A year for self discovery. Following my passions, trying new things, letting go of the past. It's all good.  This blog was set up years ago. I thought I knew what it was I wanted- the direction I was headed. Interestingly enough, the Universe had a different path and a few years later, I am here with a new fresh perspective.

A little about myself.... I am a single momma of 3 (22,19 & 13). I have an amazing significant other, a dog, and 3 turtles. I work part time at a job that is just that, a job. It pays my bills. I have blogged over the years. I have met some wonderful people. I have taken a handful of online art classes, trying my hand at different mediums. I am drawn to collage( paper & fabric). I love the layering- I love how it parrallels life in so many ways. Collage tells a story, but only the story you want to reveal. Anything sacred may get covered up, so as to feel safe. It's a therapy all on it's own. Pretty cool, huh?
I am also drawn to doll making. Unconventional, one of a kind, made up in my head kinda dolls. Whimsical! Using different materials along with or in place of  cloth. This is one of my goals this year.

I am a Reiki Practitioner, working on receiving my Reiki Master's certification.
I am also certified to teach Meditation. Piecing it altogether now as the missing component was art. Welcome!


  1. nice partner
    your bohdisofta
    lovely to visit...

  2. What a wonderful new partner! He will not steer you wrong, that's for sure. That is such a cool way of looking at collage! I'd never considered it like that and I LOVE that! Wishing you all the very best in 2013 and beyond. XOXOXO